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KEN LASHLEY - Rose City Comic Convention is proud to welcome Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall-of-Famer and Schuster Award-winning artist Ken Lashley as a featured guest of our upcoming April 6 event. "Ledkilla" has been blazing a trail through the industry since 1993 when he started his career on Marvel's Excalibur. Since then, he has gone on to work for DC, Image, Dark Horse and Top Cow on a who's-who list of books and characters: Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Spawn, JLA, X-Men, Star Wars, The Flash, Green Lantern, Black Panther, Hulk, Daredevil and more, in addition to providing creative for Lucasfilm, Mattel and Hasbro - and picking up an Emmy nomination for his work with Fox Sports. Toronto-based Lashley is also a proud husband and father who we couldn't be more thankful to for having agreed to spend the day with all of us - and you! - at April 6's Rose City Comic Convention.

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VLADIMIR KONSTANTINOV - Rose City Comic Convention is proud to announce a very special appearance from Detroit Red Wings legend Vladimir Konstantinov at our April 6 show - with all proceeds benefiting the Vladimir Konstantinov Special Needs Trust. Come meet "The Vladinator" himself with photo/autograph opportunities available on a pre-sale (and limited day-of) basis. Konstantinov will be signing and interacting with Windsor hockey fans from 12-3 p.m. as part of his first-ever comic convention appearance. During his time with the Red Wings, Konstantinov was an NHL All-Star defenseman and Norris Trophy finalist. He was a passenger in a limousine crash just days after the Red Wings won the 1996-97 Stanley Cup title that left him with debilitating brain injuries. Funds raised from signings such as these are designed to help Konstantinov with costs associated with his daily care. Don't miss this rare chance to meet this member of the famed "Russian Five," Stanley Cup champ and hockey legend, Vladimir Konstantinov.


IN-PERSON PHOTO OPP: $35; ONE AUTOGRAPHED ITEM: $60; IN-PERSON PHOTO OPP + AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO: $85 (all pre-orders include ticket to Rose City Comic Convention with preferred line placement to meet Mr. Konstantinov; photo opps to be redeemed at the event; please select photo A, B or C to be signed and picked up during the event; all other items to be autographed in person at the event; Please send all pre-orders with e-transfer to Rose City Comic Convention's Tony Gray at


General admission tickets for all those 10 and older to Rose City Comic Convention are $10. All day-of photo opps/autographs are subject to availability due to time: IN-PERSON PHOTO OPP: $25; ONE AUTOGRAPHED ITEM: $50; IN-PERSON PHOTO OPP + ONE AUTOGRAPHED ITEM: $75. Photo opps are limited to a single person or small group for Mr. Konstantinov’s safety. You must provide a cell phone or camera for your photo. Mr. Konstantinov signs his autograph as VK 16/BK 16 on smaller items and a little longer or larger items if asked in advance. He will sign in English or Russian at your request.

NICK MARINKOVICH - Rose City Comic Convention is pleased to welcome Nick Marinkovich to our April 6 show at the Caboto Club. A Canadian illustrator and comic artist, Marinkovich is best known as co-creator and artist of the critically acclaimed series Dead Romans by Image Comics Shadowline. His diverse portfolio includes Ubisoft's Far Cry and Assassin's Creed series, as well as the upcoming Dark Souls and Savage Sword of Conan series, by Titan Comics and Heroic Signatures. Welcome aboard, Nick!


DAN PIETENS - Rose City Comic Convention is pleased to announce another very special guest for our April 6 show, Dan Pietens! Proudly Canadian, this 34-year-old pencil artist is renown for his stunningly-detailed works on NHL and other pro sports superstars.

We are also excited to simultaneously announce that, in conjunction with the RC3 appearance of Red Wings legend Vladimir Konstantinov, Pietens is working on a limited edition Konstantinov piece that will be EXCLUSIVE for the Rose City Comic Convention, with proceeds benefiting the Vladimir Konstantinov Special Needs Trust Fund that helps pay for his ongoing care (Konstantinov's career was tragically cut short in 1997 just days after winning the Stanley Cup in a limousine accident that left him with debilitating brain injuries). Full details on this epic piece soon!

"Every piece I create, whether it be a commission or one for my personal portfolio, I make sure I develop a connection to it," says Pietens. "By connecting to the subject, I can be that much more passionate about what I am drawing. To me that’s the key to great art ... passion and patience."

Check out more on Pietens at


SAM BIELANSKI - Rose City Comic Convention is pleased to welcome Sam Bielanski to our upcoming April 6 show at the Caboto Club! Sam is a Canadian actor, singer, musician, and songwriter. A graduate of the Randolph Academy for Performing Arts, Sam is best known as the voice of Jazz Hooves on My Little Pony: Make Your Mark and My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale. Sam has also voiced a number of characters on the Discovery Kids show DOKI is the front person and singer in the pop-rock band PONY, who released their second album “Velveteen” on Boston based Take This To Heart Records in 2023.


MICHAEL OTTO - Rose City Comic Convention is happy to welcome Marvel "What If?" animator Michael Otto to the show! A Windsor native and graduate of St. Clair College's Animation 2D/3D Program, Otto has also worked on bringing to life memorable, iconic characters in Inspector Gadget, Bob the Builder and Fancy Nancy. Please welcome, Michael Otto! 


"LONDON GROOT" (STEVE JONES) - Rose City Comic Convention is pleased to announce a very special attraction coming to our April 6 show. Standing more than eight feet high, don't miss your chance to meet the living Groot! This exceptional - and functional - costume creation is the handiwork of Steven Jones from London, Ontario. A labor of love, Groot took three years to meticulously craft with more than 900 hours invested - with every detail hand-carved, complete with hidden names and symbols strategically placed throughout the costume! Don't miss Groot at the Rose City Comic Convention!


CASSANDRA GILES - Rose City Comic Convention is pleased to announce our next special guest, Cassandra "Casey" Giles! A Windsor native and animation pro with credits including Fancy Nancy, Inspector Gadget, Little People and most recently, Barbie. This St. Clair College grad has worked for IoM Media Ventures (formerly DHX), Snowball Studios and Mainframe Studios. You can find her on social media at:

And her website:


CARLA HOMENICK - Rose City Comic Convention is pleased to welcome Carla Homenick to our April 6 show! A comic book model most notable for her likeness being the inspiration for the character, 'Carla Homicide' (appearing in, 'The Conduit' comic book and newspaper comic strip) Carla is also the figure model for the upcoming comic book feature, 'Carla' (a special printing of, Carla #1, will be available at the Rose City Comic Convention) which consists of single page stream of consciousness musings. After making a name for herself through regular appearances at underground clubs and art-house gatherings, Carla established herself as a regular subject for many well-regarded fashion photographers. After the limited release showings of her photos, demand for Carla's appearances grew. Carla also is an active artist. Her paintings and sculptures have been featured at galleries and events in Ontario. Carla, in real life, is an adventurer who doesn't stray far from her comic book identity. She too is a certified straight-razor specialist, an expert in utilizing unconventional weaponry. In 2013, Carla's exploits came to the notice of Tony Gray (Writer/Artist-Tales of the Incredible Conduit) and the two have worked together in bringing, 'Carla' to her very own comic book series. Carla regularly appears with at conventions in the U.S. and Canada promoting her comic book alter-egos


TRISTAN DOMAY - WE CAN'T WAIT TO SEE GODZILLA STOMPING THROUGH THE ROSE CITY COMIC CONVENTION ON APRIL 6! Canada's premiere Godzilla cosplayer, Tristan Domay, has been building and performing as monstrous characters for over 15 years. An award winning artist and filmmaker, he is a longtime contributor to the kaiju and tokusatsu fandoms. Working annually with Dojo Studios since 2010, he has helped to bring Western Godzilla fans unique fan experiences usually unseen outside of Japan, including live stage shows, special effects demonstrations, as well as academic panels on costuming and the history of the kaiju genre. In his spare time he moonlights as a late night horror host and lover of all things macabre. 

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